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February 8, 2010

25 hours and counting…

January 25, 2010

Hello All,

Just wanted to let you know I have arrived in St. Paul safe and sound. Only exception…. my luggage did not make it. Hopefully it will arrive soon.

I have officially been awake for over 25 hours with no wink of sleep. Hopefully I can get to bed soon. More about the end of the trip tomorrow.

Love and see you all soon.,


Nutella and Croissants

January 18, 2010

Hello All!

Hope all is well where ever you may be. Currently I am in Torino, Italy enjoying a much quieter city than Rome. Seeing that we are in Northern Italy right next to the Alps it is much colder! Feels like home, but its okay because I rather get used to the weather before I get home.

It seems as though I am in the land of Nutella and Croissants… because we have it every single day. Looks like I will have to work out double hard when I get back. But I might as well enjoy it while I can right ;). (Jackie… don’t tell Monica!)

The past few days have been visiting the 2006 Olympic Complexes. Yesterday we went to the Palavino which is where they hosted the Figure skating in 2006. We all got to skate on the ice, which was quite fun :). From there we were on our own, so a few of us girls headed to a cute Italian restaurant. The food was simply amazing! And for dessert my professor let me try her Tiramsu… I think I found a new favorite. Looks like I’ll have to come back to Italy every so often to get my Tiramsu fix.

This morning we got up for an early visit to the rest of the complexes. Unfortunately it was very foggy in the morning so it was hard to see the entire city. But once a few hours had passed, the sun made its way through and shined on the Italian Alps. It made us all super excited for our skiing adventure in a few days.

So tomorrow we leave for Sestrine, Italy where we will spend two days skiing and doing other winter sports. I am planning on going bobsledding, but the rumor is that a women’s olympic team is practicing seeing that the Winter Games start in less than a month! But either way I am will probably see some bobsledding (crossing my fingers so I can actually try it out!). Other than that, we will for sure be doing cross-country skiing (looks like my Asa Clark Middle School days will pay off!) and I am going to try and downhill ski for the very first time!

So as you can tell all is well here. However, I am ready to come home. I miss all of you like crazy! But I will for sure enjoy my last few days.

A special Happy Birthday to Miss. Jessica! 🙂

Love and miss you all.


Under the Tuscan Sun

January 15, 2010

Hey all,

I am going to try and make this short and sweet because I am very limted on time. But we made it safe to Rome on Monday (i think). It was a long day of traveling but I was ready for some new scenery.

Our first day consisted of visting the Colosseum which was amazing, along with all of the ancient sites around it. From there all of us girls walked all around Rome… with shopping included. I had my first Italian pizza and it was delicious… alot like Punch pizza. And for those of you who know about punch pizza… you know I was very happy.

The next day we visited the Vatican. It was amazing to visit a place filled with so much spirituality and history. From there we were blessed by the Pope in probably 10 different languages. We of course saw the Cistine Chapel (I am not sure if that is how you spell it…. we kept seeing it in Italian so i have no idea). It was beautiful, but I actually enjoyed St. Peters Bascilla more.

Last night was eventful… all 23 of us students when on a pub crawl around the Colesseum. It was quite interesting…. ask me stories when I get back if you truly are itching to know.

Tomorrow we leave for Turin (Torino the site of the 2006 olympics). I am quite excited to get out of Rome. Oh yea… and yesterday 7 of us girls went to Florance and spent the day under the Tuscan sun! It was quite adventure…. we actually got around without getting lost!

Love and miss you all!



January 9, 2010

Hey all! Today I write to you from Olympia, which isn’t as exciting as Alison’s Antarctica visit, but still awesome 🙂

We arrived here this afternoon after a stay in Nauplion which is a cute town on the Aegean Sea. The water was crystal clear! Before that we went to Nemea which has an ancient Olympic stadium. We actually did some activities like the shot put, discus and running races. I did the running race…. and won 🙂 so we got to stand up on the winners throne and our professor made us paper olive wreaths for our head…. quite funny. It was amazing to see how they started their races and everything like that.

Today we visited the site of the first Olympics around 700 B.C., which was quite amazing to see. Tonite we have lecture and will probably just hang out in the town/hotel because there isn’t too much around here. Its a quite little town.

Tomorrow we head to Delphi to visit another ancient site with the Oracle of Delphi. Tomorrow ends most of our ancient games minus some parts of Rome which we leave for Monday morning. I am super excited to see another country…. Greece is obviously beautiful but I am getting anxious to see different scenery.

Love and miss you all as always!


The water Michael Phelps swam….

January 7, 2010

Hey all!

Not too much to write about today. We had a lot of free time… so what did we do.. shopping! This morning we did tour the 2004 Olympic Complexes. We saw the stadium, worked out on the warm-up track, swimming pool, and the basketball area. Pretty sweet… great buildings! Tonight I am going to go see Sara :)… her Hotel is not even ten minutes from here. So we are going to gaze at the Acropolis at night 🙂

Tomorrow we leave Athens. About a 3 hour drive to our next spot. It is an additional spot for the ancient games.

To see some pictures… look at my professor’s blog. 🙂 www.kreuser.blogspot.com.
Bye all!


Hold the Plane!!

January 6, 2010

Hey Everyone!

We officially made it to Greece on Monday afternoon… what a long day! We had to fly to Boston…where of course it was snowing….therefore our flight was delayed about 45 mins… we sat on the runway for a while for snow and de-icing. And here is the thing… we only had an hour layover in Amsterdam. Our flight left the gates at 9:25… we got off the plane at 9:15. Luckily there were 26 of us and someone waiting for us outside the gate. We literally ran through the Amsterdam airport… and had to go through customs too! They held the plane for over 45 minutes for us! Lucky!

We went to out hotel right away settled in and went to Dionysius Restaurant…. which over looked the view of the Acropolis. So beautiful… and the best lamb I have ever had. We ate like kings! Most of the people weren’t used to the food.. but they enjoyed it.

The next day we went to the Acropolis which was quite amazing. We have a tour guide named Nanda who is an archeologist…. and very knowledgeable. We then went to the New Acropolis Museum.

Today we went to the Panathenaic Stadium.. its the stadium where they end the Athens Marathon and when the Greek Athletes arrive home from the Olympics. THOSE ARE THE ONLY PEOPLE ALLOWED IN IT! So it was a really cool to actual run the track! After that a few of us girls went to Zeus’ temple… which is even older than the Acropolis. From there we took the trolley to the Mediterranean Sea. 🙂 Another body of water to cross off the list. It was quite cold. For dinner we has another traditional dinner… which lots of Greek Music and dancing of course.

Tomorrow we visit the 2004 Olympic Complex…. and have a Greek Olympic Athlete speaker. Should be interesting. We leave for Nauplion on Friday to visit a museum.. then off to Olympia the next day.

Hope all is well at home… miss and love you all!!!!